Mobile Leadership Strategies

Lenovo Mulls Purchase of Research In Motion

Daily Insight | Wally Swain | January 25, 2013

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Chinese electronics company Lenovo has tried for some time to expand beyond its core PC manufacturing business and create a bigger name for itself in the mobile market. Recent comments by CFO Wong Wai Ming gave insight into how the company plans to do so.


According to TG Daily, Ming, speaking at World Economic Forum meetings in Switzerland, said Lenovo is looking into various acquisition possibilities, but the most significant of these is the possibility of buying out Canada’s Research In Motion (RIM). The company behind the upcoming BlackBerry 10 platform has earned much attention recently as its resurgence pushes forward, meaning any such deal could be a boon for Lenovo’s mobile ambitions. To complete any such deal, however, both sides would first have to see how BB10 is received in the mobile industry, as well as overcome any hurdles put forth by Canadian government regulators.


Yankee Group Senior VP of Research Wally Swain comments


“This deal might make sense strategically in a PowerPoint presentation from an expensive consulting firm or an investment bank, but from a practical viewpoint, governments in the United States and probably Canada as well will block it.


There is a chance that Canada’s nostalgia for its lost telecom R&D leadership will cause the government to block the deal. More likely, it will be blocked by the U.S. government or U.S. government pressure on the Canadian government because Lenovo is a Chinese company.


RIM has lost a lot of market share in the U.S. government to the BYOD trend and incursions by Apple. Strangely enough, the Canadian government is 100 percent focused on RIM. But I doubt highly that the U.S. would let the provider of Barack Obama’s smartphone fall into Chinese hands.”

Mobile Application and Cloud Strategies

Dimension Data and AirWatch Strike a Deal

Daily Insight | Chris Marsh | January 25, 2013


Dimension Data, an information technology communications solutions and services provider, has partnered with mobile device management (MDM) provider AirWatch to integrate AirWatch’s MDM API’s with Dimension Data’s Enterprise Mobility Framework.

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Mobile Marketing and Commerce Strategies

China Government Approves Mobile Transactions

Daily Insight | Nick Holland | January 25, 2013


Mobile transactions of all sorts—mobile banking, commerce and couponing, to name few—have taken nearly all corners of the globe by storm. That is, of course, except for China.

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Mobile and Connected Device Strategies

Spanish Carrier Launches M2M Platform

Daily Insight | Brian Partridge | January 25, 2013


Spain-based Telefonica Digital recently began offering its new Smart M2M platform, a connectivity service that was developed internally by the company’s own research and development team.

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Mobile Broadband Strategies

Is Google Building a Wireless Network?

Daily Insight | Rich Karpinski | January 25, 2013


An application recently went through the FCC that’s raising some eyebrows; it seems Google is looking for a license to build an “experimental radio service” using bands current consumers don’t use at its Mountain View headquarters.

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