Mobile Leadership Strategies

AT&T Enters the Smart Home Market

Daily Insight | Brian Partridge | May 7, 2012

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Move over ADT. AT&T announced it is offering a home security service that lets consumers remotely adjust their home’s thermostat, lighting and security cameras via a computer or smartphone. Called Digital Life, the service also provides ADT-like 24-hour security call-center monitoring. 
Bloomberg reports AT&T is just the next in a series of service providers looking to shore up revenue via smart home technology, as Verizon and Comcast already offer similar services. The new service, which can include video cameras, sensors, lighting controls and thermostats, is built on hardware AT&T acquired along with Xanboo in 2010. Pricing was not disclosed.
Yankee Group Research VP Brian Partridge comments
“Layering home management and security services on top of a home broadband IP network can provide a natural extension for the segment of the population who can afford to invest in such things.  Providers like AT&T can certify specialized devices onto their network, roll out trucks and personnel to get things set up, and remotely manage all the security and network gear from afar. That said, specialists like ADT have built a trusted brand in security services over a period of several years.  The challenge for AT&T and any other operator that wants to play in security is to prove it too can be trusted in such a critical area.  Home security is a place where one poor customer experience can mean the difference between life and death.”

Mobile Application and Cloud Strategies

Facebook Buys Up Another Mobile App Firm

Daily Insight | Carl Howe | May 7, 2012

As Facebook’s IPO draws ever nearer, the company continues to shore up its mobile value proposition—this time specifically its location-based capabilities. The company is adding mobile social discovery app maker Glancee to its roster, just about a month after shelling out U.S.$1 billion for mobile app maker Instagram.

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Mobile Broadband Strategies

Death of Unlimited Plans Bolsters Operator Bottom Lines

Daily Insight | Richard Karpinski | May 7, 2012

AT&T and Verizon’s moves to tiered pricing may not be so great for their popularity with consumers, but they’re pretty good for their bottom lines.

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Mobile Marketing and Commerce Strategies

MasterCard Certifies Devices, Revamps NFC Branding

Daily Insight | Nick Holland | May 7, 2012

In addition to certifying several new handsets for use with its PayPass mobile money technology, MasterCard also unveiled a new “PayPass Ready” logo and sticker for device makers to use to evangelize their PayPass support.

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