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App Store Downloads Exploded in 2012, Apple Says

Daily Insight | Jason Armitage | January 8, 2013

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The popularity of Apple’s App Store has been unquestioned since it first launched in 2008. In the four-plus years since, eager users have helped the marketplace surpass 40 billion downloads—buoyed by huge numbers in 2012.


In a bit of marketing gamesmanship, Apple announced the App Store figures shortly before the opening of CES, TechCrunch reported. Apple does not attend the annual event, but always seems to come out with a bit of news around it. This year the company decided to tout its app dominance.


About half of the store’s 40 billion downloads occurred in 2012, said Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet software and services, according to the news provider. Two billion of those were recorded in December alone. Other announcements by Apple included the fact there are 500 million active App Store accounts with access to 775,000 apps.


Yankee Group Principal Analyst Jason Armitage comments


“Apple is holding onto its global lead in app downloads. Yankee Group’s survey data show that a quarter of U.S. consumers used the App Store in the last quarter of 2012. Despite fierce efforts from competitors, that percentage actually inched up over the course of last year. This is a testament to the attractions of Apple’s app storefront for both developers and consumers in major markets.


Where Apple will be looking to make gains is in high-growth markets, notably China. In these critical geographies, Android and operator-owned storefronts represent serious challenges. That means real-world investments: Expect more Apple Store openings and operator deals in these markets in 2013.”

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Mobile Commerce Strength Carries Through Holiday Season

Daily Insight | Sheryl Kingstone | January 8, 2013

Records for mobile commerce sales fell like dominoes leading up to the December holidays, but they didn’t stop with the revelry. In the U.K., mobile sales on Boxing Day—celebrated the day after Christmas—surpassed even those of Cyber Monday.

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Mobile Broadband Strategies

Sprint Confirms Unlimited Data Pay-As-You-Go Plans

Daily Insight | Rich Karpinski | January 8, 2013

Rumors were swirling at the start of the new year about new pay-as-you-go plans from Sprint, and now the operator has confirmed the new plans. Aptly named Sprint As You Go, the plans will launch on Jan. 25, and they won’t have data caps.

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Facebook May Go VoIP, Enterprises Will Stay With Specialty Apps

Daily Insight | Chris Marsh | January 8, 2013

Word on the street is that Facebook is testing a voice over IP (VoIP) service through its messaging apps for iOS and Android devices, but it sounds like enterprises will be sticking with their tried and true services, such as Skype.

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Intel Hangs Mobile Hopes on Low-Cost Devices

Daily Insight | Wally Swain | January 8, 2013



Intel has developed a new smartphone platform aimed at addressing emerging markets where low-cost devices are in high demand. The move could also help the company ignite growth in the mobile market where it has struggled thus far.

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