Mobile Leadership Strategies

Microsoft to Sell AOL Patents to Facebook

Daily Insight | Carl Howe | April 24, 2012


Looks like Microsoft doesn’t need all the patents it recently bought up from AOL. The company is giving Facebook—which continues to shore up its patent portfolio in preparation for its upcoming IPO—the right to purchase some of its newly acquired patent arsenal for U.S.$550 million, ZDNet reports.
Microsoft, which just bought 925 patents from AOL, plus a license for 300 or so more, is now playing the role of middleman. “Today’s agreement with Facebook enables us to recoup over half of our costs while achieving our goals from the AOL auction,” Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith said. “As we said earlier this month, we had submitted the winning AOL bid in order to obtain a durable license to the full AOL portfolio and ownership of certain patents that complement our existing portfolio.” The Facebook deal lets Facebook buy 650 patents from the AOL deal, plus a license to the rest. 
Yankee Group Research VP Carl Howe comments
“Patents are the ultimate business investment; every time you sell them, they seem to become more valuable. With court cases taking years to get to judgments, mobile device patents guarantee their owners will be taken seriously in business dealings, even if the patents aren’t necessarily relevant or important to the owner’s core business. While patents won’t keep their value forever, they have become the essential currency of our mobile revolution.”

Mobile Application and Cloud Strategies

Report: Google Drives Toward Cloud Storage

Daily Insight | Chris Marsh | April 24, 2012

Google this week is set to roll out a cloud storage offering akin to Dropbox that will provide users with up to 5 GB of storage for free, Reuters reports.

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Mobile Marketing and Commerce Strategies

Guardian Intros Mobile Money Fraud Detection Tool

Daily Insight | Eugene Signorini | April 24, 2012


Guardian Analytics is extending its security line to the mobile money space. The company, which currently offers an online fraud detection tool used by about 160 financial institutions, is rolling out new software that alerts banks and other financial institutions to possible mobile banking fraud, Techworld reports.
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Mobile Broadband Strategies

Digital Rights Group Calls for Data Cap Transparency

Daily Insight | Richard Karpinski | April 24, 2012

U.S.-based digital rights group Public Knowledge is calling for all operators to disclose detailed information on when and how they apply data caps, as well as regulators to more vigilantly monitor data caps to ensure consumers’ rights are upheld.

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