Mobile Leadership Strategies

Got a Windows Phone? You Might Not Get Windows Phone 8

Daily Insight | Carl Howe | April 20, 2012


Current Windows Phone owners might not want to get their hopes up about upgrading to Windows Phone 8 according to reports through It appears as though existing Windows Phones will not be upgraded to the next software version, also known as “Apollo.”
Initially it was believed that all Windows Phones would be able to upgrade to the next major software version, after Nuno Silva, a Microsoft developer, stated they would in an interview with Zwame, a Portuguese Web site. Silva later retracted this statement and wrote in a blog post, “The point I was attempting to make was simply that existing Windows Phone applications will run on the next version of Windows Phone.” It’s been rumored that Apollo will include support NFC, multi-core processors and a wider range of screen resolutions. Microsoft has not made an official statement in regards to the update.
Yankee Group Research VP Carl Howe comments
“This is an important decision for Microsoft to get right. If it decides to upgrade all early adopters to Windows 8, Microsoft will have to spend time, effort and money ensuring that they support older hardware with the new software. If it decides not to upgrade early adopters of Windows Phone, it risks alienating the early adopters who have taken a chance on their new platform. The former is the right decision for the long run; the open question is whether Microsoft is willing to put in the time and money to get it right.”

Mobile Application and Cloud Strategies

Enterprise Apps Must Focus on Mobile, Social and Cloud

Daily Insight | Jason Armitage | April 20, 2012


Enterprise applications are going to have to broaden their horizons going forward, especially when it comes to integrating mobile, social and cloud as key parts of apps, according to an interview with Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite, at the DEMO conference.
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Mobile Marketing and Commerce Strategies

Mobile Payments Becoming Mainstream, but Security Worries Remain

Daily Insight | Sheryl Kingstone | April 20, 2012


As mobile payment applications such as Google Wallet and Isis are emerging into the market, more than half of technology experts believe mobile wallets will reach the mainstream by 2020, perhaps eliminating the need for cards or cash altogether, according to TechNews Daily.
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Mobile Broadband Strategies

Google Aims to Ramp Up Mobile Internet Speeds

Daily Insight | Richard Karpinski | April 20, 2012

Many mobile device users know the pain of waiting for a Web page to load (roughly around 9.2 seconds in the U.S.). Google is trying to speed up the process for users, and the search engine giant is also hoping to bring in more revenue from e-commerce and online advertising, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

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