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Microsoft Invests US$300 Million in Barnes & Noble’s Nook Spinoff

Daily Insight | Carl Howe | April 30, 2012

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Barnes & Noble announced it is spinning off its Nook business unit and that Microsoft is investing U.S.$300 million in the new company, tentatively called Newco.
Newco will combine Barnes & Noble’s digital and College businesses, which include its Nook operation and Nook Study software for students and educators, CNET reports. Barnes & Noble, which is assuming a U.S.$1.7 billion valuation on the new firm, said Microsoft will own 17.6 percent while Barnes & Noble will retain 82.4 percent. As part of the deal, Barnes & Noble will bundle its Nook digital bookstore with Microsoft’s Windows 8 when it launches later this year. The companies have also settled all of their patent litigation and formed a “royalty-bearing license under Microsoft’s patents for its Nook e-reader and Tablet products.”
Yankee Group Research VP Carl Howe comments
“This is a doubly bad deal for the Android ecosystem. I think it indicates that Android shows no signs it is succeeding as a platform outside smartphones yet. It also suggests that Microsoft continues to identify opportunities to profit from Android devices where Windows doesn't play. Google has to find new ways to drive Android to new device types or face being confined to smartphones.”

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Visa Europe Takes on Google, PayPal with

Daily Insight | Nick Holland | April 30, 2012

Visa Europe confirmed that its digital wallet, called, will be available in the U.K., Spain and France this fall, pitting it against already-established rivals Google Wallet and PayPal.

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Android Developers Decry Fragmentation

Daily Insight | Jason Armitage | April 30, 2012

Android developers face an uphill battle when coding for the platform, especially compared to its closest competitor Apple’s iOS. And that means Android apps seldom are as slick and highly polished as those created for iOS.

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Falcone Stepping Down to Save LightSquared?

Daily Insight | Richard Karpinski | April 30, 2012

LightSquared founder Philip Falcone may be about to sacrifice himself for his company. In a move aimed at convincing lenders to approve a one-week extension on a debt-term violation waiver, Falcone is reportedly stepping away from the firm—as well as from any plans to file for bankruptcy.

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