Mobile Leadership Strategies ยป Mobility and Public Policy

As mobility pervades the lives of both consumers and businesses, it increasingly comes under the watchful scrutiny of public policy, legislative agendas and government regulations. Players looking to succeed in mobile need to not only understand the current public policy zeitgeist but also where it's headed in the future. Here is our perspective.

Consolidate, Break Up or What? Operator Uncertainty Hobbles Brazil

Perspective | Wally Swain | November 13, 2014

As Latin America regulators push for more competition, the region’s operators are in a state of uncertainty as some are looking to divest assets (e.g., America Movil in Mexico), others are acquiring competitors and overall the market seems to be in a state of confusion. A case in point is the region’s biggest market, Brazil.

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Mobile Leadership Directions, October 2014

Report | Rich Karpinski | November 4, 2014

451 Research shares analyst insights on industry news daily in our free Mobile Now e-newsletter. Our Directions reports review the insights from the past month and provide an overview of the trends we see emerging in the space. October served as earnings season, as many mobile market players looked back at the quarter that was and what's in store for the rest of 2014.

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Mobile Leadership: Market Dynamics Impact All Corners of the Mobile Ecosystem

Report | Sheryl Kingstone | December 4, 2014

Whether it's the mobile operators, enterprise mobility chiefs or the vendors serving them, everyone is in the same boat of trying to figure out how to best leverage mobile ecosystem opportunities. We outline some of the most important considerations for mobile leadership during the next two to three years.

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Looking Ahead: Latin American Mobile Broadband in 2014

Report | Wally Swain | March 26, 2014

After years of discussion, LTE will significantly expand its footprint in Latin America beyond Brazil and the few isolated deployments seen so far. By the end of 2014, we expect all major markets except Argentina to have networks from major operators.

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AT&T Will Acquire Mexico’s Iusacell for US$2.5bn

Daily Insight | Rich Karpinski | November 10, 2014

AT&T has long discussed expanding beyond the US market, with Europe often cited as its target. But it appears the mobile network operator (MNO) was looking south as it has agreed to purchase Mexican carrier Iusacell for US$2.5bn.


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Chile’s Net Neutrality Goes Too Far

Perspective | Wally Swain | June 16, 2014

Citing Net neutrality, Chilean regulator Subtel ruled operators may not bundle, exclude from usage-based charges or otherwise offer free social networks like Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp. They cannot even create a tariff that puts such offers on an economic basis. The first decision is legally correct but very unfortunate. The second is simply a bad decision.

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FCC Should Link Net Neutrality and M&A

Perspective | Rich Karpinski | June 4, 2014

It often seems the Net neutrality debate will never a) end, or b) see a satisfactory conclusion. These two points are no doubt connected. There is no easy solution to the Net neutrality question, so it’s simpler—and politically expedient—for regulators, politicians and judges to keep pushing off the hard decisions to tomorrow.

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Argentine Senate Moves to Declare Mobile an ‘Essential Public Service’

Perspective | Wally Swain | May 13, 2014

There are no less than five separate bills before the Argentine senate seeking to declare mobile telephony an “essential public service,” akin to water, electricity or fixed telephony. If any one of them passes (which seems likely), it will have major ramifications for mobile operators in Argentina and across the region.

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Coming US Spectrum Auctions Drive Future Competitive Leadership

Perspective | Ken Rehbehn | March 11, 2014

As the U.S. LTE market becomes ever more competitive, spectrum remains a major factor behind operator success— and coming auctions will determine future winners and losers. 

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4G Is a Fad?

Perspective | Wally Swain | October 4, 2013

"Fiber is the future; 4G is what is fashionable." So said Saul Cohen, president of Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Bogotá (ETB), in an interview with Latin American telecom portal Convergencia Latina recently.  We beg to differ.

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Operators Must Stay the Big Data Course, Risks Aside

Perspective | Rich Karpinski | July 5, 2013

As concerns over government electronic snooping continue unabated, mobile players—but in particular mobile operators—must balance competing interests: legitimate government access, consumer concerns about privacy and the very future of their just out-of-the-gate big data businesses.

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The Party’s Over: LA Operators Face Impending Regulatory Rush

Perspective | Wally Swain | March 4, 2013

As Latin America preps for 4G spectrum auctions, most countries' policymakers are sending the signal they want the world to participate. More bidders drive auction prices up but, more importantly, more competitors drive down consumer prices and force incumbents to provide better service. Unfortunately, no high-profile global operators are indicating interest--and that could leave policymakers with no choice but to up regulatory oversight.

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Can the EU Avoid a Downward Mobility Spiral?

Perspective | Declan Lonergan | October 3, 2012

Current EU economic uncertainty is jeopardizing the long-term future of the mobile industry in the region. Could recent macro-economic events that are already creating a vicious circle become an ever-increasing downward spiral?

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Apple’s Samsung Patent Victory May Be an Android Killer

Perspective | Carl Howe | September 19, 2012

Apple's U.S,$1 billion patent suit win is tough on Samsung, no doubt. But it's likely to be even tougher on Google and Android, as device makers hedge their bets to ensure they don't meet the same fate.

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